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Rome, the Imposing City of the Seven Hills

Posted on 31 October 2017 by Gavin D (0)


Rome has been the center of the world for many years, when Caesar ruled and conquered the entire known world in antiquity. Even though things have changed, Rome still maintains its unique character and boasts its long lasting history. So travelers flock the ancient city of the seven hills, in order to see from up close what has made it so distinct.

Roman Attractions

As soon as you set your foot in Rome, you will instantly notice the warm and cozy aura surrounding you. It is the aura of the glorious past, with the myths and the historic details that come alive. It is a journey to a different era, where Christianity slowly made its first baby steps and the Roman rulers opposed with great strength.

When you visit Rome, there are endless historic sights and attractions for you to choose from. Literally every day you will have the chance to walk through the paths of the ancient Romans and admire the landmarks that have survived through time. Colosseum stands out among the rest of the attractions, due to its imposing nature. It is a gigantic structure, where the gladiators used to fight for their lives and the people of Rome cheered for them.

Then there is the Pantheon, as well as quite a few piazzas or squares. Piazza Navona, Piazza di Reppublica (of democracy), Piazza di Popolo (of the people) and the emblematic Piazza di Spagna with the outstanding brands creating a shopping center matching no other! After your shopping spree, you are more than welcome to catch your breath sitting on the steps and enjoying a gelato.

Speaking of gelato, at the picturesque Fontana di Trevi people throw coins in the fountain and make a wish. Then they sit leisurely around the fountain enjoying a refreshing ice-cream and dreaming of their next visit to Rome. And of course, nobody can forget Saint Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican.  A whole new world unveiled before your eyes, in a splendid experience where religion and culture meet!

Last but not least, who can forget the appetizing Italian cuisine? Homemade pasta and pizza, tomato sauce with basil and grated cheese, mouth-watering salads and a plethora of desserts are waiting for you to taste. It is an exquisite gastronomic pleasure to indulge in a typical Mediterranean, Italian meal.

For unforgettable moments, explore the magic of Rome and the wider area of Italy!tiber-bridge